Movie Backlog: 12/30/2007

I’ve been slacking off on posting what few movies I’ve actually watched in the past couple of months. Let’s see if I can remember them all. Far too lazy to include links at this time, however. Give me a break, I’ve been up since 4 AM. :p

Monster House: The CGI feels a bit primitive, but the movie does a good job of capturing a level of scary that I think a lot of kids could enjoy without having nightmares. Has some very humorous moments.

Ratatouille: Good plot and excellent execution. It’s Pixar. Enough said.

Shrek 3: Okay, so I don’t really think it lives up to 1 or 2. It’s a cute addition to the Shrek world, but I just feel the plot is a bit looser on this one than the others. Worth watching, of course, and still extremely enjoyable.

The Simpson’s Movie: Hahahahaha. Very much like a longer, more thought out episode. We get to see some character development in several characters including, most surprising of all, Maggie. Very fun.

Balls of Fury: While I abhor what I call “stupid humor” in movies…this movie toed the line very well. I was able to groan at it but not want to leave the room. Aspects of it were hilarious, and Christopher Walken is always fun to watch.

Meet the Robinsons: I wanted the movie because of the TRex in the commercials; however, it turned out to be extremely awesome in a children’s sci-fi story way. I mean, come on, it features an evil hat named Doris, what’s not to love?

Expect more soon, because we have a huge stack of unwatched movies because someone keeps finding sales. :p

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