Pogle and Meabh get their first minion…

At least it’s not of the human type. 🙂

This is Minion the Fiendish Ferret:

We had intended to adopt a ferret via a shelter in northern NC, but I thought I would check the local Charlotte Craiglist to see if there were any up for adoption there that were closer and in need. Up popped a male ferret just across the border in South Carolina. I blame the insomnia, but I actually was brave enough to immediately contact the owner and ask if we could meet the little guy before deciding. They agreed, so yesterday Pog and drove down to see him. He was in an extremely stimulating environment with 5 children, a dog, and a cat, so he was more energetic than I was hoping for. However, Pogle really enjoyed him and knowing the little guy had safely lived with the family and pets for several months made me think that we might be able to handle him.


He’s not really trained at all, so we’ve spent the past day getting supplies for him and trying to start the training process for both nipping (doesn’t hurt or break the skin, but we don’t want to encourage it) and litter box. He’s doing better on the litter box than the nipping, so far. We need to figure out a reward to assist with the training; right now, he doesn’t have a treat he likes except a lick of ferratone. Let’s just say the learning curve is pretty high for all of us.

It will take some time for him to bond to us, but aside from the training issues Minion’s a fun little guy to watch. Especially after he decides to stick his nose in Pogle’s tennis shoe, then decides that he needs to leave it as quick as possible. Repeat every few minutes.

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