The Tale of the Frog(s)

At the beginning of December, pogle informs me that a green tree frog is loose in his office. Apparently, it hitched a ride in on a Poinsetta, and no one there knew what to do for it. So, naturally, he brought it home.

He was named Dratsab Elttil (which is an entirely different story):

Dratsab Elttil, a green tree frog.

We didn’t want to set him free because the temperatures were below zero and he’d die, so I set him up a temporary home and we arranged with family to get an aquarium for him. Sadly, he died after only 3 days (and after I’d spent a bunch of money on him), so pogle decided we’d go ahead and get another frog. And then he came home with two of them. Isn’t that how it usually goes when it comes to pets?

Meet Houdini and Hwinn:

Houdini & Hwinn: two green tree frogs

Houdini is sleeping up top, while I just missed a photo of Hwinn being a ninja while walking across the corner.

They don’t do much, to be honest, although it was cool to accidentally see Hwinn catch a cricket. They’ll probably be more trouble than they’re worth (crickets are a pain in the butt), but it’s absurdly fun to try and find them in the terrarium.

That’s pretty much the tale of how we ended up with two green tree frogs living in our office. Not that exciting, eh?


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