Half-Life (PC – Steam)

Copyright Valve


Platform: PC-Steam


  • Story: 4/5 (I couldn’t hear a lot of what the scientists were telling me, making me miss a lot of plot.)
  • Environment: 5/5
  • Game Play: 4/5 (Some minor but annoying glitching.)


Half-Life is a fun mix of FPS and puzzler, and the first FPS I’ve ever finished on my own. I enjoyed the game a lot but found it somewhat hindered by its glitches: I could not adjust the voice levels any higher than the environment, so I repeatedly missed what the scientists were saying to me; more than once I found myself jammed into the wall, unable to move; and ladders SUCK. For the second glitch, at least, F6 (Auto-Save) is your friend. Actually, F6 is always your friend: I pretty much hit the button after every jump by the end of the game. I also spent a good portion of my time with 4 HP, so I’m not so sure that I played this game so much as survived it.


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