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As usual, Jack-Jack wants up. Especially where he’s not allowed

2009.12.05 101 edited

We never did find out what Minion was looking at

So here’s an Ysabell wearing a silly ferret shirt.  I hope you can appreciate the risks of putting her into one of these.  So many teeth….

2009.12.05 330 edited

No, no…maybe down there?

2009.12.05 273 edited

Hark! Could that be something interesting up there?!

2009.12.05 272 edited

Ok. Tuesday. Slump completed.

2009.12.05 270 edited

It’s Monday. I’m too thrilled to finish slumping.

2009.12.05 269 edited

What? I didn’t do nothing!

2009.12.05 260 edited

I think we can all see how this is going to end

2009.12.05 240 edited

He doesn’t stop there!

2009.12.05 239 edited

Then he does things like this

2009.12.05 238 edited