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  • Buzz Buzz Buzz

  • I don’t like Spring

    We had a hailstorm Saturday night that lasted over 30 minutes, making it the longest hailstorm I have ever experienced or heard of. By the end those suckers were the size of baseballs and were cratering into my flower beds. Pogle’s windshield got a last minute crack and my tulips got pulverized, but otherwise house…

  • I like spring

  • My little piggies

    These little sparrows go through a feeder full of seed a week. D:

  • The Singing Compost Heap

    Yesterday as I am about to leave for work, I realize I cannot find my phone. I search all over, even retracing my steps through the yard from when I was working outside. Nada. So I ask pogle to start calling me. I walk through the house: silence. I walk around outside: silence. Then, I…

  • MacGyver of the Day

    So what do you do when you’ve dropped a spoon down a heating vent (that was open for various reasons)? Take a piece of scrap yarn, the magnet from a hard drive, a robotic claw gripping toy from your husband’s childhood, and start fishing. Hey, I got the spoon. I’m also motivated to replace the…

  • Meet one of the neighborhood bunnies

  • Baby Birds

  • Gardening friends

    A useful article on some of my least favorite gardening friends. Reading the first hand experiences in the comments really helps you understand when bites most often occur, and what happens when they do. Don’t click if you’re afraid of spiders! You know who you are! :p

  • What is this white stuff?

    At first, it was innocent and pretty…