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Movie Night: 10/13/2007

Virtuosity: Weird movie about a virtual serial killer program that escapes the computer via an android body. Found the programmer far more creepy than his creation, however. Pretty run of the mill cop/chase film.
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Movie Night: 10/12/2007

Stepford Wives: The movie is inconsistent in parts with the technology aspect, but…very, very awesome in others. Watch just to see Bette Midler and Roger Bart, although the other main actors do a good job in the film. Also interesting is the fact that Faith Hill played one of the stepford wives.
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Movie Night (Heh): 10/07/2007

Stargate: An interesting take on Egyptian history. A very fun movie in a “The Mummy” tradition.

Aeon Flux: As long as you don’t compare it to the original anime series (which I barely remember), I think you can enjoy this movie. I think they did an excellent job with their version of a dystopian future world, and it was very interesting to watch.

Ultraviolet: A B Movie that’s fun to watch as long as you enjoy it for what it is: a B Movie. Some of the dialog literally had us cackling, and the gun storage method was pretty innovative in a Sci-Fi sense.

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Movie Night: 9/9/07

Silent Hill: Just. Don't. *walks off cursing random plots and incomplete/incoherent endings*

Lady in the Water: A wonderful modern fairytale that I highly recommend to everyone. (This crappy review brought to you by Joomla and its sucky text editor which lost my original, longer review.)

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Movie Night: 9/7/07

The Italian Job: Mark Wahlberg doing emotional scenes. *snerk* Favorite scene: Getaway car driver is told to clock the time from dude's house to Union Station; screen flashes to him stuck in LA traffic. Also, this is probably the only movie in existence that makes the Mini Cooper cool.

XXX: A quote to sum up the entire movie: "Stop thinking Prague police and start thinking Playstation!" Fun modern-sort of Bond movie, with several pokes at the series. Hilarious to see Vin Diesel try and do an introspective look; we all know he just wants to blow stuff up. 😀

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Movie Night: 8/26/07

Resident Evil: Ever since Fifth Element, Milla Jovovich has been one of my favorite action actresses. She's a little more tame in this film than Fifth Element, but she's still awesome to watch. Pog says that I have a thing for strong female characters who don't let men/"the man" push them around. The plot is also actually good, but I may be biased on that since I've fallen in love with the Resident Evil game series since watching Pog play RE4. I must be getting old though, there were several things during the movie that I caught (i.e. the kill switch for the Red Queen being on Kaplan) but couldn't predict how they would work out in the end like I usually do. Also, the Red Queen is officially my favorite evil AI. Off with her head!

Resident Evil: Apocalypse: Fairly weak plot in this one, but a few nice action scenes. Totally redeemed because it has Oded Fehr from The Mummy & The Mummy Returns fame. 

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Movie Night: 8/18/2007

Hot Fuzz: Nice mock of british village culture. Even better than Shaun of the Dead

The Rundown: Worth watching for fight scenes and seeing Sean William Scott get beat up a lot

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Movie Night: 8/11/2007

300: Amazing fight scenes and imagery. Annoyed at Queen Gorgo at one point, but she (somewhat) redeems herself. Leonides totally gives away his scottish accent at one point (and he sounded just like Sean Connery…hot).

 The Hobbit: Hilarious animated adaptation of Tolkien's book. A must see just for the singing.

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