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Let’s play “Identify the ferret!”


Artwork by Cousin Jessica

Hey! The humans already stashed all the fun stuff! D:


Ys looking into the toy bin while Ares and Nix wait for loot.



Ares acting like it’s bath time.

Draco is looking a little…squished


Someone has been slacking off on his ferret picture duties since he started back to work, so I guess it’s time I gave ya’ll a fix. The upcoming photos are primarily from Christmas with the cousins, so prepare for some plumpies!

Yes, yes. Up. Now you’ve got a plumpy doing it, JJ.

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Ares being a ferret

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But he has friends!

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Ares may have met his match…

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McGruff says: “Take a bite out of…Minion?”

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Pretty sure this is mid-flip

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