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Let’s play “Identify the ferret!”


Artwork by Cousin Jessica

Draco is looking a little…squished


Someone has been slacking off on his ferret picture duties since he started back to work, so I guess it’s time I gave ya’ll a fix. The upcoming photos are primarily from Christmas with the cousins, so prepare for some plumpies!


2009.12.05 249 edited


2009.12.05 248 edited

Ok, bored now with just hanging out…

2009.12.05 247 edited

No, I really don’t know how he kept his balance this long.

2009.12.05 246 edited

What? I like it here.

2009.12.05 245 edited

Of course, down is appealing in its own way.

2009.12.05 244 edited

And its still not up! enough for him, naturally.

2009.12.05 243 edited

Taking stock of his situation

2009.12.05 242 edited

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