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I don’t like Spring

We had a hailstorm Saturday night that lasted over 30 minutes, making it the longest hailstorm I have ever experienced or heard of. By the end those suckers were the size of baseballs and were cratering into my flower beds. Pogle’s windshield got a last minute crack and my tulips got pulverized, but otherwise house seems to be intact. I spent most of the storm cursing everytime I heard a giant piece of hail hit my roof. The joys of home ownership.

The peaceful initial storm:

After the first wave, when things started getting big:

We had several smaller storms after this video was taken. It was during one of these small storms that a piece of hail finally got one of our cars. 🙁

Meet one of the neighborhood bunnies


Baby Birds


Gardening friends

A useful article on some of my least favorite gardening friends. Reading the first hand experiences in the comments really helps you understand when bites most often occur, and what happens when they do.

Don’t click if you’re afraid of spiders! You know who you are! :p