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Let’s play “Identify the ferret!”


Artwork by Cousin Jessica

Hey! The humans already stashed all the fun stuff! D:


Ys looking into the toy bin while Ares and Nix wait for loot.

We never did find out what Minion was looking at

So here’s an Ysabell wearing a silly ferret shirt.  I hope you can appreciate the risks of putting her into one of these.  So many teeth….

2009.12.05 330 edited

What is this strange noisy thing?

2009.12.05 215 edit


Answer: Its a ball that talks, every single time it gets nudged.  Guaranteed to drive you crazy while entertaining your pet for hours.

But he has friends!

2009.12.05 089 edited

My, what interesting shoes you have. May we stash them?

2009.12.05 065 edited

Ares tells him to get over it and drink up!

2009.12.05 602 edited

Jack-Jack seems a bit worried about what security might to do him…

2009.12.05 600 edited

Minion missed the memo on it

2009.12.05 596 edited

So we had to send security to retrieve him.

Gathering round the water cooler…

2009.12.05 594 edited

For their morning ferretone conversation.