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A Dapper Dinosaur


I decided that, since Igor lives at the office now (to stare down a coworker’s superhero action figure collection), he should have a costume for halloween. I was going for Steampunk but didn’t really have anything to give it the edge needed, so we’ll settle for Dapper Victorian.

Buzz Buzz Buzz

July 029

I like spring






My little piggies


These little sparrows go through a feeder full of seed a week. D:

So you can understand Jess’ genius

The emoticon over Ys’ head:


It’s got fangs! 😀

Let’s play “Identify the ferret!”


Artwork by Cousin Jessica

The (Last) Water Battle


He must have kept his pencils very sharp, the level of detail is impressive (not to mention the coordination considering his current scrawl):

waterbattle boat

Another casualty:

waterbattle diver

And that’s it for this stash of war battles. If I come across some more, I’ll be sure to post them!

Boulder sneak attack!


Lots of stuff going on in this one. Those are either some tiny airplanes or giant people though. Also, what’s with the boulder?

boulderattack whatisthis

That’s an interesting way to carry a missile. >.>;

boulderattack wounded

I keep trying to figureout if that’s part of his head or his hat laying to the left. Pretty smoke though. I think someone had access to one of those 4 color pens so popular when we were young.

boulderattack jetpack

That’s an interesting way to travel. Don’t look up, dude!

The Lonely Soldier


Poor guy is all by himself on the battlefield.

lonelysoldier closeup

That’s a civil war era cannon, for you folks who might not be familiar with the style of the weapon. We saw (and heard) several when visiting Mr. McGraw at a Civil War Re-Enactment in Pennsylvania several years back. I have photos from that somewhere…

Here we go!

08192006 016

Where Pog saw such an accurate image of the act of loading a civil war cannon, I don’t know.

Helicopter Rescue, circa late 1980s – early 1990s ?


Apparently, when pogle was a child, he liked to draw stick figure battles. When grabbing a notebook today, I found several hidden in the middle of the notebook. Enjoy.

I like the green dude.

helicopterrescue greendude