Let’s play “Identify the ferret!”


Artwork by Cousin Jessica

2 responses to “Let’s play “Identify the ferret!””

  1. This is pretty awesome. I love the little emotes some of them have.

    Let’s see, clockwise from the top left…

    Draco, Ysabell, Nix, JJ, Ares, and Minion?

  2. Close…some of it had context from our last visit, in which Ys was constantly beating up on Ares, and Draco was continually chasing a ladybug toy. Much harder without knowing that.

    I think the order is Minion (hes darker than Draco overall) Ys Areas JJ Draco Nix. But I’m not 100%, the shading on all the lighter colored ones is kinda rough to draw.

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