Let’s play “Identify the ferret!”


Artwork by Cousin Jessica

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  1. 6:41 am, July 19, 2010Mindtwin  / Reply

    This is pretty awesome. I love the little emotes some of them have.

    Let’s see, clockwise from the top left…

    Draco, Ysabell, Nix, JJ, Ares, and Minion?

  2. 5:34 pm, July 19, 2010pogle  / Reply

    Close…some of it had context from our last visit, in which Ys was constantly beating up on Ares, and Draco was continually chasing a ladybug toy. Much harder without knowing that.

    I think the order is Minion (hes darker than Draco overall) Ys Areas JJ Draco Nix. But I’m not 100%, the shading on all the lighter colored ones is kinda rough to draw.

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