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Still no ferret pics

But have a sneak peak at something for the new site:

Minion Head Footer

Let’s play “Identify the ferret!”


Artwork by Cousin Jessica

5 Years

Today marks my 5 year wedding anniversary.  Meabh’s too.  Go figure, right?

It doesn’t seem like its been that long… but on the other hand, it seems like its been forever, since I can’t imagine life without her.  I love you sweetie.

To celebrate, here’s Minion with his party hat.

Have you missed me?


No, no…maybe down there?

2009.12.05 273 edited

Hark! Could that be something interesting up there?!

2009.12.05 272 edited

Ok. Tuesday. Slump completed.

2009.12.05 270 edited

It’s Monday. I’m too thrilled to finish slumping.

2009.12.05 269 edited

What? I didn’t do nothing!

2009.12.05 260 edited

Luckily for Draco…

2009.12.05 143 editedFerrets don’t come equipped with rear-view mirrors.