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I don’t like Spring

We had a hailstorm Saturday night that lasted over 30 minutes, making it the longest hailstorm I have ever experienced or heard of. By the end those suckers were the size of baseballs and were cratering into my flower beds. Pogle’s windshield got a last minute crack and my tulips got pulverized, but otherwise house seems to be intact. I spent most of the storm cursing everytime I heard a giant piece of hail hit my roof. The joys of home ownership.

The peaceful initial storm:

After the first wave, when things started getting big:

We had several smaller storms after this video was taken. It was during one of these small storms that a piece of hail finally got one of our cars. 🙁

Did you know…


That we live next door to a mountain?

We went to the state park for the first time in 4 years of living here, and it is really awesome. I hope to go back and get some photos of the flowers down here — totally different from the stuff I’m used to from up north.

This was cool though:


If you’re not big into trees, the one in the middle is actually a larger tree that has encompassed a smaller tree of a different kind (smooth bark vs rough bark). That’s a new one to me!

I like spring






My little piggies


These little sparrows go through a feeder full of seed a week. D:

Slammin’ Salmon & Back to the Future III

Slammin’ Salmon

Zongo is here! Broken Lizard continues to amaze us with their character acting. I didn’t care that much for the plot, but I always enjoy seeing BL own their characters unabashedly.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Back to the Future III

Great Scott! It was ok. I adored the steampunk train at the end, and now I can finally play my new Back to the Future games! Just need to pencil that into the calendar at some point (hopefully before the series is fully released, doh).

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

The Singing Compost Heap

Yesterday as I am about to leave for work, I realize I cannot find my phone. I search all over, even retracing my steps through the yard from when I was working outside. Nada. So I ask pogle to start calling me.

I walk through the house: silence.

I walk around outside: silence.

Then, I look over at the compost pile. You see, I spent about 20 minutes that morning raking up oak leaves to put into a leaf-only compost bin.

I walk toward the bin.

I hear a muffled “4, 3, 2, 1…Verse beyond us, keep on flying…” *

And that, my friends, is the tale of the singing compost heap. 😛



*I’ve set pogle’s ringtone to “Captain Mal” by Possible Oscar.

MacGyver of the Day

So what do you do when you’ve dropped a spoon down a heating vent (that was open for various reasons)? Take a piece of scrap yarn, the magnet from a hard drive, a robotic claw gripping toy from your husband’s childhood, and start fishing.

Hey, I got the spoon. I’m also motivated to replace the vent cover now, as well! XD

Completionism is overrated

Just so you know, it takes forever to get 100% on Lego Harry Potter. Still at only 80%, and I’ve nearly completed my second pass through of II. D:


Deathspank (Steam/PC)


Copyright of Hothead Games


Steam (PC)

Story Rating: 3/5 + bonus point for being a parody of traditional fantasy = 4/5

Environment Rating: 5/5 (I love 2D/3D environments like Paper Mario)

Game Play Rating: Whee!


In Deathspank you play a not-so-bright hero who is questing The Artifact (because some cute redhead told you to a long time ago). While searching for The Artifact you travel around the world, helping the helpless as a true hero should. Along the way you get to literally knock the poop out of demons (a farmer wants it for fertilizer), fight Sabretooth Donkeys (although you’ll need at least one alive), and steal from Leprechans (that is not their orphan). Ron Gilbert’s twisted humor shines through and helps to create a game that will leave you sniggering.

Note: I was having trouble getting into the game until I tried it with an XBox controller hooked up to my PC. It made all the difference.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

The Tale of the Frog(s)

At the beginning of December, pogle informs me that a green tree frog is loose in his office. Apparently, it hitched a ride in on a Poinsetta, and no one there knew what to do for it. So, naturally, he brought it home.

He was named Dratsab Elttil (which is an entirely different story):

Dratsab Elttil, a green tree frog.

We didn’t want to set him free because the temperatures were below zero and he’d die, so I set him up a temporary home and we arranged with family to get an aquarium for him. Sadly, he died after only 3 days (and after I’d spent a bunch of money on him), so pogle decided we’d go ahead and get another frog. And then he came home with two of them. Isn’t that how it usually goes when it comes to pets?

Meet Houdini and Hwinn:

Houdini & Hwinn: two green tree frogs

Houdini is sleeping up top, while I just missed a photo of Hwinn being a ninja while walking across the corner.

They don’t do much, to be honest, although it was cool to accidentally see Hwinn catch a cricket. They’ll probably be more trouble than they’re worth (crickets are a pain in the butt), but it’s absurdly fun to try and find them in the terrarium.

That’s pretty much the tale of how we ended up with two green tree frogs living in our office. Not that exciting, eh?